Autumn dweller is my (Joakim Jonsson)´s soloproject.

I play all Instruments and do some vocals , but I mainly use session singers.
I have used John Grahn (ex-Gångjärn) and Henrik Wenngren (Skyfire,Dust,Vicious) so far I will continue using their talent as well as using some new voices.
I write all music and some lyrics , I have used the lyrical talent of Tommy Öberg (ex-Mornaland) , John Grahn and Andreas Johansson (Skinfected).
I´ll probably use their help in the future as well.

My full time bands are: "Skinfected" , "The mist of avalon" , "Skyfire" and "Dust".
I am also a guitar teacher , I have three students so far , I will hopefully get more students next year.