15th July 2006
Hello everyone!
Long time as always...sorry about that.
I have been recording with "Favilla"(my old band Dust we have just changed name because there are too many bands with that same name).
We recorded a 4-track minicd that really kicks serious ass!
You can download all tracks for free at this site : http://favilla.hinreich.net
I have also joined another band Axenstar in October 2005 we have been recording our fourth album "The final requiem" in Studio underground for 4 weeks in April and May. I play all guitars on the album, I wrote four songs for that album "Pagan ritual" "Thirteen" "Condemnation" and "Beyond the lies". The album will be released by Massacre records 22nd September 2006 -check it out!!
The mist of avalon are still working hard stay tuned for some live dates and other news shortly. The Skinfected album will hopefully be recorded later this year I am working on material and are really looking forward to release that album.
I have a project with my old mate John Grahn which I´m also looking forward to, old school rock n rollish music, John is writing the material and as soon as he is finished I will record drums and bassguitar for that recording.
So to sum up ...busy as always...I WILL RECORD NEW AUTUMN DWELLER MATERIAL LATER THIS YEAR THATS A PROMISE!!!! And also a new Favilla recording will take place later this fall.

1st June 2005
I´ve just returned home from a mini tour in England with The mist of avalon.
We did 4 shows ; 2 in London , 1 in Dorset and 1 in Leeds , the gigs went great.
I recorded a guitar solo for the upcomming Vicious album today which was a really funny thing to do.
The song were really good and my solo fitted quite well I think.
Autumn dweller news ? Well things are going slow at the moment , too busy these days with my other bands and my jobs.
But there are songs inside my head that I need to unleash quite soon:)
I´m working on material for the Skinfected album and the new Skyfire album as well , they have top priority.
Over and out for this time - The mist of avalon will be playing some summer shows , go see us!!
18/6 Västerås , 2/7 Shadowfest in Stockholm and 9/7 at the Quart festival in Norway.

1st December 2004
I´ve just returned home from a mini tour in Spain with Skyfire.
Everything worked out great , we were supporting act for "Dark Moor".
Great people , great cities , everything was fantastic!!
I will do a session drumming job later on , more details soon...

22nd August 2004
It´s been a while I know !
What has happened since the last time...well I did a show with The mist of Avalon behind the drums.
Tony were on vacation so I filled in for him , we played at the "Dirty black summer" festival...really fun.
Right now we´re writing songs like maniacs for the Skinfected CD.
I will be playing drums in a rock project with Jens from GODHATE on guitars , Jens has written some songs that we´ll start rehearsing soon.
We will do 2 shows in Spain in October with Skyfire , we´re going to open before "Dark Moor" , that´ll be killer for sure!!
We have booked studiotime with Skyfire as well (same studios as last time) to record our fourth album!!
Autumn dweller news...right now there´s too much with my other bands so AD is on vacation for a while...

2nd June 2004
I´m back from my recording adventures with SKyfire , everything worked our really good.
Check out "Spectral" our new album , out now !!
I´ve added a link to my site at PureVolume.com where you can download some of my songs.
I´ve got two shows with The mist of Avalon coming up , 11/6 Katalin Uppsala and 19/6 Village Västerås.
We´re rehearsing and creating songs with Skinfected for an upcoming full lenght debut which hopefully will be recorded later this year.

27th February 2004
Hello again!
I´ve been busy again.
I recorded drums for the new Skyfire album during February 16-20.
We recorded the drums in Los Angered with Andy (King Diamond) behind the knobs.
The drumsound is amazing.
I´m very pleased with my work as well.
I´m currently writing the Japan and Korean bonus track for the album.
On Monday March 1st we´re entering Studio Underground to finish the album.
Autumn Dweller will participate on a comp. Cd released by the Italian label "Phantasmata".
I contributed with "Eve of salvation" , more info later on.
The mist of avalon will perform live in Västerås the 13th March.

3rd January 2004
I am doing a tour with AXENSTAR in January , as session bassplayer.
We´ll tour with Falconer and Doomsword.
It´ll be amazing thats for sure , check out the dates :
06.01.04 Italy - Bergamo, (Milan) Motion
07.01.04 Austria - Graz, Orpheum
08.01.04 Slovenjia - Ljubljana, Orto Bar
09.01.04 Hungary - Budapest, Wigwam
10.01.04 Austria - Innsbruck, Hafen
11.01.04 Germany - München, Garage
12.01.04 Germany - Essen, Zeche Carl
13.01.04 Germany - Münster/Breitefld, Live Arena
14.01.04 Germany - Hamburg, Markthalle
15.01.04 Germany - Heidelberg, Schwimmbad
16.01.04 Germany - Berlin, Halford
17.01.04 Germany - Aalen, Rock It
18.01.04 Switzerland - Pratteln, Z7

29th October 2003
I´ve added some links and fixed some small stuff here and there.

07 October 2003
I uploaded my cover version of "Roswell 47" today , check it out , it´s encoded in 192Kbps!
I´m currently working on new material , both for Autumn dweller and Skyfire.
I am also planning a few new cover songs that I´ll record shortly , no clues...you´ll see...

01 August 2003
Henrik and I did a remix of "Roswell 47" today , damn what a difference!
I´ll put it up in a while...
We´re going to South Korea and play 3 gigs with Skyfire between 6 - 15th August 2003!
That will be fucking amazing!!
I will bring my camera (of course) and maybe I´ll put some photos up...
By the way check : Skyfire´s website for more info and other stuff..

17 July 2003
Hey again!
I´ve recorded guitars for the Mist of avalon album and the whole thing sounds amazing.
5 songs are completed , 8 songs to go , everything is finished except the vocals and the mixing.
I have been recording a new Autumn dweller song as well , heavy as hell , I will try to do vocals on this song and hopefully it´ll sound as I want it to.
I´ve also recorded "Roswell 47" by Hypocrisy at the same time , with Henrik on vocals , it turned out way better than expected , maybe I´ll put it up here!

24 May 2003
I´m back from the tour!
It was an amazing experience and we wish to come back , thanks to all bands and the fans for showing up!
I did 3 shows with "Thyrfing" as well and it was a blast , their drummer got ill and had to return home so I learned 3 of their songs and played with them without rehearsing!
Thanks guys for a great time!
I will upload pictures in a while...
I will do a show with "The mist of avalon" in Helsinborg the 30th May.
We are also working hard in the studio with our new album and I will start recording guitars pretty soon.

15 April 2003
I´ve got a pretty tight schedule to look forward to.
First of all , I´m starting to record guitars with "The mist of avalon" on Monday in Dug-out studios.
I will record the 14th - 17th of April with "Dust" in S116 (we´re doing a split CD).
I will do a tour with "Skyfire" these dates:
30/04 London (UK) The Underworld
01/05 Leeuwarden (NL) Podium
02/05 Lyon (FR) C.C.O. Villeurbanne
03/05 Glauchau (DE) Alte Spinerei
04/05 Saarbrücken (DE) Garage
05/05 Pratteln (CH) Konzertfabrik Z7
06/05 Paris (FR) La Locomotive
07/05 Ludwigsburg (DE) Rockfabrik
08/05 Essen (DE) Zeche Carl
09/05 Berlin (DE) K17
10/05 München (DE) Backstage
11/05 Vosselaar (BE) Biebob
More info about this tour : http://www.hammerheart.com.
And the the 30th of May , "The mist of Avalon" will play live in Helsingborg (tivoli) together with Dawn of oblivion.
Puh ! So Autumn dweller will take a little break during April and May.