I discovered KISS back in 1984 i think, and ever since I have been a huge fan of Metal, although I listen to almost everything these days...
My first band was "Sky runner" back in 1989, then moving on to the death/blackish "Vortex".
"Gångjärn" has never been laid down to rest really, but we have not rehearsed since 1997 but who knows?
"Kobolders" and the deathy "Dreadstate" existed for a couple of years...
"Side Effects" started in 1995 and we still exist but under the name of "Skinfected".
"Mornaland" Existed between 1995-2000 and made a split CD with "Abominator" and a couple of collection Cds + demos.
Three of the members from Mornaland started "Slumber" and freaked out in very different territories such as jazz and funk , we did two demos and quite many gigs.
Then I joined "The Mist of Avalon" and we´ve done 2 UK tours , a gig at Arvika festivalen 2001 , a few in Uppsala and 1 in Copenhagen so far.
We´re recording our new album in Dug-Out right now.
I´ve also joined forces with "Skyfire" we recorded our 2nd album in Studio Abyss 3 weeks in September 2002 and it´ll be released in April 2003.
With Autumn Dweller I can be the total dictator and play what the hell I want. Too bad that I haven´t got the equipment I need to record whenever I want to..
After all I wont release any shitty sounding recordings...

/Joakim Jonsson