Pictures of my guitars
Schecter 007 elite Black cherry , 7-string , 2004 model
Ibanez Les Paul ( sunburst with S.Duncan bridge pickup ) , 1976 model
Fenix SG ( black , EMG HZ pickups) 1999 model ?
ESP Ltd explorer ( signed by Kai Hansen , EMG 81 pickups )
Fender Squier 7-string ( black , with Ibanez bridge pickup ) 2001 model

Mesa Boogie mark 3 amp (1x12" combo)
Marshall Valvestate 120/120 poweramp.
Marshall Valvestate 4x12"
Mesa Boogie 2x12"

Warwick Corvette , 5-string , Red , 2003 model

Boss digital delay
Digitech XP 100 Whammy-wah pedal
Behringer V-amp 2
Korg tone works distortion
Ibanez tube king

Sabian AAX Studio crash 16"
Masterwork Legend 22" ride
Sabian B8 Pro China 20"
Sabian AAX studio Hi-hat 14"
Sabian Terry Bozzio Radia 18" china
Zildjian A custom crash 17"
Masterwork Jazz Pointer 17" crash
Masterwork Jazz Pointer 18" crash
And some custom made effect cymbals by Tony K Shields.

Sonor Force 2003 ( Midnight black )
Sizes = 2x 22x17,5" , 10x9" , 12x10" , 13x11" , 14x14" FT , 16x16" FT

Mapex maple deluxe snare 14"x5,5"
Sonor Force 3003 10x5" Honey maple soprano snare.

Sonor 400 Double bass pedal with wood beaters
Sonor 400 single pedal.
East doublepedal
Axis A Longboard doublepedal, classic black
Sonor 400 hi-hat stand
Pearl 800 snare stand
Sonor tom tom arms
East boomarms and clamps.
East Drum throne.
Various stands

Evans G2 coated on toms
Evans Dry vents Coated on snaredrum.
Remo Coated Powerstroke 3 on bassdrums
B-stick S.K. and East drumsticks
East cowbell 9"

The Rest
Korg KDM1 Digital metronome
Jim Dunlop guitar Jazz III pics
Behringer 4 channel mixer
Beyer Dynamic headphones
Schulz cables
Skull strings
Jimi Hendrix strings