The first CD "A level beyond" were recorded some days between March 19th - April 30th 1998. The mixing and mastering were done May 6th 1998. This CD were recorded by Henrik Wenngren and Joakim Jonsson at studio Bullwhip. Jockes vocals were recorded by Tomas Bjernedal. John Grahns vocals were recorded by Jocke. All material on this CD were written by Jocke during two weeks in March 1998. Lyrics by Jocke , Tommy Öberg and John Grahn.

There are 15 songs on the CD, but I wrote around 18 tracks, but decided to skip some songs. Mostly because I couldn´t manage to sing them! "A level beyond" is a mixture of many musicstyles (too many actually!) so I have decided not to release it, but I have chosen a few songs for you to download!

I am currently working on some new material , hopefully it´ll be released quite soon.
I am searching for labels to work with and also license deals and distrobution labels , get in touch if you´re interested .

Release the new material all over the world.